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4 July 2008

IHC Krimpen Shipyard B.V. achieves Quality Management Registration to NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2000 certificate

Press release


f.l.t.r. M. Oosterlee, A. Klijnsoon (IHC Merwede), M. Veenstra and G. Sijntra (Lloyd’s Register)

IHC Krimpen Shipyard B.V., part of the IHC Merwede Group, recently achieves the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2000 Certificate for the design and construction of complex units in the market sectors offshore, passenger ships, dredging vessels, navy vessels and special vessels using in house expertise.

Considering the market at which IHC Krimpen Shipyard operates and the product on which the company is focused, a strong concentration on the customer and market expectations (an important principle in case of the ISO 9001) has been an essential part of those business processes for a long time.

The certification process has been utilised to clarify the business process for the employees and it served as a texture for the continual improvement of products and production processes. Apart from that, those processes have only been restricted up to their basic lines, so there is still enough flexibility to respond promptly to specific demands and needs of our customers.

The management of IHC Krimpen Shipyard considers the quality management system as a useful tool to pursue the chosen way of professionalising and constantly improving itself in an energetic way.

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IHC Merwede Profile

IHC Merwede is focused on the continuous development of its design and construction activities for the specialised shipbuilding sector, in particular the dredging and offshore industries. IHC Merwede is world market leader in the construction of specialist dredging equipment and complex custom-built offshore vessels. The clients of IHC Merwede include major dredging companies, oil and gas exploration groups, offshore contractors and government authorities.
IHC Merwede has a staff of approximately 2,200 at its locations in the Netherlands. There are also branches in the UK, China, Houston (USA), India, the Middle East, Russia and Singapore.

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