Life-cycle support

Your performance is our challenge

IHC Merwede customers can rely on a dedicated and comprehensive global service offering for the life cycle of their investment. This not only helps to extend the lifespan of the vessel or equipment, but also to maintain the correct and safe operation of all IHC Merwede products on board.

As the technology innovator, IHC Merwede has the ability to enhance the reliability and efficiency of its systems, which in turn boosts the productivity of its customers’ investments. The company’s life-cycle support maximises the uptime and return on investment, and therefore reduces the total cost of ownership.

Concepts, design and building

IHC Merwede’s personnel can provide new or improved concepts for complete systems and components, as well as project evaluation and advice on the selection of equipment. Its experts design optimal vessels and equipment based on customer requirements and their own design, building and operational experience worldwide.


IHC Merwede offers a complete spectrum of high-quality and up-to-date training through its Training Institute for Dredging (TID) at any time or place worldwide. Training programmes range from general to highly specialised, bespoke courses on the use of equipment or on specific competences. This can be carried out at any stage of a vessel’s life cycle with the use of portable training simulators, web-based training, distance-learning programmes or at IHC Merwede’s own facilities around the world.

Maintenance management

IHC Merwede aims to assist dredging operators by improving their system availability in the most efficient way. This can be done with a single service offering, such as condition monitoring, technical surveys or other maintenance tasks. It can also be achieved by an integration of several different services from the company’s life-cycle support programme.

Spare parts and component repair

IHC Merwede wants to be prepared for every eventuality and provide limitless logistical support to its customers. This includes attention to system availability with the immediate supply of spare parts and repair of components. With this approach, the complete IHC Merwede global network of qualified service technicians, sourcing officers and stock locations is available to all customers.

Dry docking and ship repair

IHC Merwede’s team of experts offers a high level of knowledge and expertise to manage dry dockings, ranging from supervision of the repair yard to the performance of complete dockings and ship repairs. All dry docking services are focused on keeping the period of work as short as possible according to forecasted budgets and planning. Experience shows that the correct scope of work and solid preparation – especially for major repairs and dry dockings – are essential for efficient performance.


The renovation of vessels and equipment is a complex process. IHC Merwede possesses expert knowledge to research, engineer and install to such a high standard that these measures will optimise the equipment. This results in the start of a new life cycle for the vessel or the extension of the existing life cycle.

Dredging Advisory Services

IHC Merwede offers consultancy for all matters relating to the dredging process through its Dredging Advisory Services (DAS) department. As an integral part of the company’s life-cycle support offering, DAS provides assistance covering a wide range of services including: the selection of the most suitable methods and equipment under specific circumstances; output calculations for dredging vessels; troubleshooting and optimisation when dredgers do not meet their expected outputs; workability analysis; wear and tear predictions; exploitation cost analysis; and analysis of local conditions and the influence on the vessel’s output.