• C.S. Sovereign

C.S. Sovereign

The task and requirements

The transition from the period of copper cabling to the age of fibre optics led to the requirement for a new type of cable laying and maintenance vessel. Fibre optic cable laying and maintenance requires more sensitive and steady operations, putting a high demand on a vessel’s sea-keeping performance and its special machinery. C.S. SOVEREIGN is the first of a new generation cable vessels for BT Marine; a state of the art, cost-effective vessel that combines excellent sea-keeping performance with redundant dynamic positioning for efficient cable handling operations.

The concept

The C.S. SOVEREIGN has the capability of laying cables with a length well over 2400 nautical miles and can serve as cable repair ship as well. Compliance with all international safety regulations allows the vessel to operate worldwide. The dynamic positioning system and the advanced cable installation and -repair equipment enable the vessel to carry out precise deep-sea operations, as well as sub-sea burying operations.

Innovative solutions

The specific hull form and passive roll tanks of the C.S. SOVEREIGN provide the ship with a unique sea keeping performance, enabling both stern and bow cable operations up to high sea-states. Her unique cable laying equipment was jointly developed with the yard.

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Principal characteristics:




Cablelaying vessel

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British Telecom

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IHC Merwede

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