• HOS Iron Horse


The task and requirements

The client wanting to enter into the offshore construction market required a versatile vessel that could easily be adapted to a specific role in case of a charter. Based on the IHC Merwede Type-22 design, the HOS IRON HORSE is a versatile multipurpose vessel for operations in the Gulf of Mexico and world wide.

The concept

The IHC Merwede Type-22 design provides a large and stable DP-3 platform with good seakeeping characteristics. The vessel has ample working space on deck and has a large hold that can easily be converted to contain carousels or specific equipment. With her deepwater and deck cranes, and large work moonpool HOS IRON HORSE can be used in a range of offshore construction activities while she can easily be adapted to a charterer’s specific wish and requirement.


Innovative solutions

The vessel is equipped with a 400‑metric tonnes heave compensated mast crane capable of working at a 3,000‑metres water depth and a 120‑metric tonnes heave compensated offshore knuckle boom crane. The large work moonpool facilitates subsea operations. Subsea operations can be supported by two work class ROV's which are housed in a hangar.

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  Offshore support vessel

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  Hornbeck Offshore Services

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  IHC Merwede

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