About Royal IHC

Royal IHC (IHC) is focussed on the continuous development of design and construction activities for the specialist maritime sector. It is the global market leader for efficient dredging and mining vessels and equipment – with vast experience accumulated over decades – and a reliable supplier of innovative ships and supplies for offshore construction.

IHC has in-house expertise for engineering and manufacturing integrated standard and custom-built vessels, advanced equipment and also providing life-cycle support. This integrated systematic approach has helped to develop optimum product performance and long-term business partnerships.

The company’s broad customer base includes dredging operators, oil and gas corporations, offshore contractors and government authorities.



News & Events

  • European consortium launches Blue Nodules project

  • Royal IHC and DIHAG jointly acquire Allard-Europe

  • Royal IHC secures DEME order for multifunctional 15,000m3 TSHD