• Dredging


With vast experience accumulated over decades, IHC is the market leader for the design and manufacture of efficient and integrated dredging vessels and equipment. More than half of the world’s dredging contractors rely on the company’s unique combination of innovative vessels, advanced equipment and life-cycle support. This is clear evidence that IHC has achieved its overall aim of supplying customers with a greater return on investment, while helping to decrease the environmental impact of their dredging activities.

Reliable and efficient

There is a demand for reliable and efficient dredging solutions due to the growth of global population, climate change, rising sea levels and an increase in sea transportation.

IHC’s vessels and equipment are well known for their high efficiency and ultimate reliability. These market-leading products are: offered with tailored finance facilities ordered with prompt and on-schedule delivery times; designed to achieve optimal performance; and provided with unrivalled local support. This impressive package results in a lower total cost of ownership.


IHC’s driving ambition is to meet the requirements of its customers, as it strives to be recognised as a key partner – and not just a supplier. Therefore, IHC invests around 3% of its turnover in research and development, which also provides evidence of its position as the technology innovator.

IHC has developed valuable global partnerships with other strategically placed shipyards. It manufactures custom-built vessels in The Netherlands in close cooperation with the customer, and builds standard vessels, duplicates and an increasing proportion of equipment at various local production facilities worldwide.

An internationalisation strategy has allowed IHC to shorten delivery times, decrease transport and import costs, and provide a local service to overseas customers. This approach has also ensured that the designs of its vessels and equipment are manufactured to the same high standard as in The Netherlands.

Complete range

The wide range of IHC products incorporates everything from cost-effective standard stationary dredgers and mechanical dredgers, to the world’s largest custom-built self-propelled dredgers. This broad spectrum is ideal for the completion of both capital and maintenance dredging projects. With more than 150 years of experience in building dredging equipment and having its own renowned research institute (MTI Holland) IHC offers optimal solutions to the challenges of modern dredging techniques.