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A growing population and increasing GDP are market drivers for a robust increase in mineral demand. In addition, challenges for supply – including declining head grades and limited exploration success – drive the mining industry towards new frontiers.

Integrated dredge- and marine-mining solutions

IHC Mining focuses on integrated mining solutions for the onshore, nearshore and deep-sea mining market segments. The company strongly believes in an integrated approach to achieve the best results for the mining operation, by helping to create an economical and technically viable business model.

In this case, it forms a partnership with customers from the point of exploration through to the  development of the mine, implementation and life-cycle support. Throughout the various stages of mining, IHC Mining offers a number of consultancy and advisory services and in-depth studies to determine the overall technical and economic feasibility. It can also support the mining operation, resulting in optimal use of the equipment at minimal cost.

In addition to an integrated approach, IHC also offers stand-alone products. The company designs, builds and supplies advanced mining vessels and equipment, ranging from mining dredgers and crawlers, slurry transport systems and mineral separation plants, to plant automation and control.

Reliable partner

IHC has an impressive track record in the largest tin, alluvial gold and mineral sand operations worldwide. Its roots can be traced to the end of the 18th Century, with the delivery of two old dredgers to Italy and Russia. The company, as it is known today, was created by six Dutch shipyards joining forces to build six sea-going tin dredgers for the Billiton Company, a former Royal Dutch Shell subsidiary.

Today the company builds the innovative vessels and advanced equipment used for extracting mineral sands, gold, tin, platinum and diamonds up to 200 metres below the surface around the world. It is also  developing equipment for even deeper waters. The depth of experience among the IHC team consists of geologists, engineers, technicians and other specialists. Now situated in South Africa, Australia, The Netherlands and Singapore, IHC is dedicated to developing a regional mining presence on a global basis. Each office is a dedicated centre of excellence, a one-stop-shop for the regional market and provides a global network with highly qualified personnel.

IHC is committed to building strong relationships with renowned companies and research institutes within the industry.

The company’s long-standing financial stability makes it possible to provide customised financial solutions, offering the opportunity for investment and developing business models for rental purposes. Thanks to its range of advisory services, equipment supply and total solutions, IHC is a reliable partner throughout the life cycle of a mine.