• Offshore


IHC’s offshore division strives to deliver the best value to its customers. It is a partner of choice for innovative, sustainable and integrated offshore vessels and equipment. IHC’s offshore solutions are reliable, efficient and flexible to the demands of challenging seabed-to-surface oil and gas projects, and the renewable energy market. With its extensive knowledge and in-house design capabilities, IHC ensures compliance with the latest technological developments, strictest safety regulations and most stringent environmental standards.


IHC excels at managing the complexity inherent within the development of vessels. Each project is approached with care, creativity and adaptability, so that customers can depend on delivery within the terms of the agreement.

It has an impressive track record of delivering innovative solutions to major subsea construction companies, ship owners and oil companies. IHC is one of the leading global players in its field. Besides its production locations in The Netherlands, it can accommodate the construction of vessels and equipment in other locations worldwide.


Specific demands result in bespoke designs. IHC provides cost-effective products, not only when newly acquired, but also throughout their working lives. The IHC team works closely with the customer and becomes an extension of their organisation, so that they complement each other’s expertise.

It can, for example, advise on the design, regulations and structure of the project. This reduces risk and cost to create a smoother process, which leads to better results. Support can also be provided throughout the working life of the vessel.

Efficient offshore solutions

IHC constructs custom-built vessels and equipment – to meet customers’ requirements – or more standard vessels with a ready-to-build design, the IHC Supporter® class, IHC Packhorse™ and IHC Packhorse™ - Maxi.

Conducting business in an offshore environment is often turbulent. Technical and financial risks are significant, and margins are fluctuating. World oil prices are sensitive to political and monetary events. The difference between profit and loss for an owner or operator of offshore support ships is greatly influenced by the productivity of these long-term investments. Efficiency, reliability and durability are key factors to success.

IHC understands its customers’ needs and has the ability to provide innovative and efficient solutions for a variety of projects, such as pipe- and cablelaying, diving support and pile-driving.